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Sep 25, 2018

In 27 years of nursing, Yvonne Heath witnessed our society’s death phobia and our reluctance to talk about, plan, and prepare for grief cause excessive suffering. For some reason our culture is afraid of that conversation. Yvonne wasn’t having it though—she left her career has set out to empower compassionate communities and professionals to live life to the fullest, learn to grieve and support others, and have the talk about the end of life long before it arrives. She shares her message with heart and humor and is an inspirational speaker, a T.V. and radio show host, and author of Love Your Life To Death.


What does it mean to show up during someone’s grief? People are compassionate and care, but often times are afraid to show up for someone. Maybe they will make things worse. It is inherently awkward. But Yvonne believes we have to be secure in our humanness, in not being perfect. The magic answer is just show up—and everyone is capable of doing this. Hug. Text. Email. Sit quietly with someone. Cut their grass. Even kids can do some these things—not every way of helping needs to be a grand gesture that makes the front cover of the news.


Yvonne’s goal with Love Your Life to Death is to get these ideas in every modality and area so children and adults can learn to face the end of life. If you want to be clued in on the 7 Takeaways on Loving Your Life to Death you can email Yvonne at