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The Power House

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Jan 16, 2019

For this week’s Power House I’m featuring repeat guests—David Dachinger and Tamara Green, an absolute power couple behind Loving Meditations: a program that helps cancer patients and caregivers reduce stress, anxiety, and discomfort through their cancer journey. David is an author and Grammy-nominated composer (over 1 million people have heard his music!) while his wife, Tamara, is an author, speaker and trainer. Loving Mediations now has an app as well that I personally use and love, and we’ll be diving into making space for yourself to find out what it is you need.


Creating Space of Quiet (Together and Alone)

 For Tamara, when there is a lot running through her head she uses a simple breath technique to remove that noise and connect back to the earth. In fact, she practices this live on the show and encourages you to follow along and plant yourself and become more stable.

Together as a couple, David find that lightening up by dancing, doing yoga together, or just looking each other in the eyes was a way to connect and synch up their bodies and thoughts.


Maintaining Connectedness

 One major key to maintaining connectedness is owning up and taking personal responsibility for our feelings and knowing when to take a step back and evaluate ourselves. Tamara calls this “deplugging” and she would practice this when getting overwhelmed by caregiving. When she found herself frustrated she would stop and ask “What do I need?” When you ask yourself that question it allows you to get present and really see where you are at and what path you need to walk to get where you want to go, not only for yourself, but for those you love as well.



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