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Jun 27, 2018

Jonathan Bender is the creator of Connection Jams and has been leading coaching workshops for over 20 years. His work focuses on self-expression, public speaking, personal growth, and the performance of your life. He is also a professional theatre director, actor, and writer and holds an MFA in theatre, contemporary performance and a masters in performance studies and speech communication. Jonathan has an international following where people have taken his trainings like “Claim Your Voice”—and this year he is focusing his work on healing the wounds of disconnection in this country and bringing together a common humanity.


Jonathan wants people to look at their life from the perspective of a performance to see that we all have been trained on how to act, dress, and carry ourselves just like actors. And in doing so, we can look at our performance and see what parts of it are helping us, and what parts are holding us back—like self-doubt, for example. Once you identify the parts of your performance that work or don’t work, you can begin to train yourself to perform at your best. Jonathan wants to realize that it is your performance—which means your voice deserves to be found, heard, and utilized.


Jonathan has been obsessed with what it really means to be connecting with an audience. So he has been focused on a body of work called The Paths of Connection—a series that gets into what connection is, where it goes wrong, and how to analyze and course correct it. In a world where everyone is distracted by phones, our own interior thoughts, political factions fighting each or either infighting amongst themselves. So connecting with yourself and being present to ourselves, and then interconnecting with others to better receive an audience, our loved ones, and those we are interacting with for the first time.


Jonathan has a free online course called Your True Voice that focuses on confidence, presence, and authenticity which you can find on