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The Power House

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Apr 23, 2019

Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery has a unique approach to therapy and healing.  She places the emphasis on the journey toward sacred intelligence—your ability to tap into your internal source in order to move toward intelligent choices. Those choices are intended to honor the Sacred and help you manifest your greatness, while simultaneously embracing the humanity of those around you. She’s seen how religion can be a healing balm for some while used to wound others. These wounds can range from rejecting spirituality, self-hatred, remaining in abusive relationships, refusing medical intervention, and the belief that “my” religion is the only right one. Doctor Curry Avery has traveled the world speaking and facilitating workshops.  She invites and inspires others to discover and live out their purpose. Her approach places the emphasis first and foremost on healing your relationship with your creator.  This helps heal the self and promotes positive relationships with other people in your life.

Many times when people encounter issues with religion they will bail—going totally outside of the spirit because they associate anything divine with what hurt them. The beauty in this is that you can always come back and explore other facets of spirituality, they aren’t going anywhere. When you choose to step back into spirit it helps you become more grounded, analyze the choices you make in a context that feels right to you, which extends to your business and corporation.

If you’ve felt hurt, pain, trauma, and isolation through religion or doctrine and are looking to step back into spirit—Dr. Terrlyn invites you to take another glance at spirituality, your triggers, and the leading principles that guide you. And if you’re afraid to ask those questions, at least ask yourself why that is.