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Jan 16, 2018

Judy Hoberman is President of Selling in a Skirt International and a trainer, speaker, coach, and mentor. Thirty years of sales experience has given her knowledge, and humor, about how men and women sell. Listen as she enlightens you as to how both genders can support each other more productively and the incredible goals she has set for creating a space for women to thrive. She is the author of several books, the most recent of which is Walking on the Glass Floor.


Glass Floor

Judy decided in 2017 she was going to help one woman a day, and after being humbled by how many women accepted her help, and realizing how rarely women at large ask for that help, she decided to take things a step further. Judy wants women to break through the glass ceiling and stand on the glass floor when it comes to leadership roles—she doesn’t want you to just try it out, she wants you to stay there. Whether you’re in an executive position or a parental one, leading can be for life. She’s set out to donate proceeds from the book to further her aim of turning that glass ceiling into a glass floor.


Space to Walk Strongly

The space Judy is reserving for women on the glass floor is there to help foster confidence, and show that there is room for every woman to stand. Regardless of role or title, the space is there for them. Creating a safe and welcoming community is the key to bolstering that confidence, and Judy has placed her own vulnerability first to show the way (see her TEDX Talk for more details on that).


Confidence and Courage

Confidence for Judy revolves around sharing her passions with others without worrying about what others think about her definitions. She likes to stay focused on her space—which is all about women. So confidence for her is when she walks into a room and knows she’s the expert for her passion. The courage aspect? The courage part involves using that confidence to push yourself further by doing things that scare you. It’s standing up and owning your goals and doing things you haven’t done, no matter how crazy they may seem. The other side of courage is knowing that it’s okay to ask for help with your goals, too.


Choose to Show Up with Judy