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Sep 4, 2017

Juan Carolos Arzola is an international certified John Maxwell coach, teacher, trainer and speaker. As a high performance coach he has mentored some of the best in the industry around personal growth and achievement. He aims to help you find the best version yourself and create lasting, impactful change that will help shape the way the world thinks for generations to come.


Living with Intention

Juan shares on the show about a pivotal experience in his life that shaped the way he viewed his purpose. One day when he was coming home his neighbor tried to stop him to talk, but Juan didn’t really give her much attention and listen to her. Later that night his street was full of police and paramedics, and his neighbor had committed suicide. It affected him deeply and sent him on a path of being there for others so he wouldn’t make the same kind of mistake again. He searched for a way to live with more intention so he could be remembered for the good he was able to do for others – not amassing money and monetary wealth.


Pivotal Change

After the incident Juan spent a lot of time reflecting on why he hadn’t listened to his neighbor properly. He was able to discover some biases in the way he was thinking and how that limited his ability to help his neighbor. So, he resolved to do better. More hardship came as he was going through a divorce and had to reprioritize his life. In that struggle he came to realize that he thought success was good, only to discover that significance was better.


Success vs. Significance

Success is about me. I want money. I want power. I want this or that and I want it all for me. The big difference with significance is that it is for others. And once you truly understand significance success alone will never satisfy you again. He started challenging himself in terms of how many people could he help. How could he raise the bar in helping to spread joy and his knowledge in meaningful ways, so that when he got to the end of his life, he knew that he had tried everything. He knew that he had finished as well as he could and helped pass down these thoughts 1000 years through his children and family.


Growing Your Intention

Juan wants you to go deep into your intention. Find ways to use what you know to help others but also reach out in ways you aren’t familiar with. Learn and grow as your significance does as well. Make not just an impact, but a lasting impact. Develop something deep, not tools and tips on a superficial level so you can transform others at their core.



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