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Jan 23, 2019

Gaia Morrissette has dedicated her life to making the world a happier, sexier, and safer place for us all. She is a world-renowned holistic sexual wellness specialist, BDSM wellness specialist, instructor, published author, international speaker, and founder of Succulent Living. Through her sexual wellness coaching private practice, Gaia makes pleasure safe, sex better, and helps you take yourself in a direction of accepting your natural, creative energies and applying them to your life and business.

If you are feeling triggered by this topic you have 3 choices: you can let the topic of sex overwhelm you, and you can opt out of this show and come back next week. Or you can choose to get curious about that trigger and your beliefs, and then reflect and see if they are serving you—or if they’re holding you back from bigger possibilities. And of course, you can also say that you are just set in your ways and stand your ground.

Saying Yes

A huge part of Gaia’s philosophy involves saying yes and opening up to new experiences. When she was 15 years old, Gaia was drug out to a gathering where there were many older women. She tried to shy away from them and keep to herself, but then a woman in her sixties simply walked into the room and stated she had never had an orgasm. Gaia reached out to this woman, hugged her while she cried, and talked to her about how it wasn’t too late to find pleasure and satisfaction in her life. It was a complete moment of stepping into her destiny and one that changed the course of her life.

Sexual Energy is Creative Energy

Gaia believes that sexual energy in its purest form is the same as creative energy. All aspects of sex are the genesis of creation, of doing. Her philosophy to harness this energy and achieve true sexual wellness involves five keys—play, sensuality, sexuality, exploration and sacred.

How do you want to show up in the world? Do you want to choose joy, and pleasure, and experience – or are you going to be closed off? If you are interested in exploring your energies and seeing how Gaia can help you say yes, make sure to follow the link below to her website and check out her courses, books, and coaching services.