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May 2, 2018

Gary Stuart is a master constellation facilitator, author, and speaker who has been documenting his healing experiences over the last several decades. As a young student of primal therapy and shamanism, his insightful writings provide a unique perspective on the correlation between the micro and macro cosmos between our inner and outer worlds. He speaks and leads healing workshops and trainings around the world and resides in Rancho Mirage, California. His latest book is Master Your Universe: How to Direct and Star in Your Own Life.



When Gary is talking about constellations he’s not exactly talking about the Big Dipper and Orion. Everything alive has movement and takes up space. Families and relationships included. Gary looks at these bonds as constellations and the subconscious forces that shape, intertwine, or tear apart our most important relationships and family dynamics. You don’t see them every day, just like gravity, and these systems have just as much hidden as you can see of them.



Especially when it comes to women, there is a deep storied history of oppression that shows up in the overarching constellations of history. You can trace back struggles for women’s suffrage and other rights and see how they have impacted society and individuals today. But it doesn’t just have to be large scale events that affect our constellations—an issue between your grandmother and mother can shape your constellation in hidden ways as well. Reflecting on your constellation can help you find out what has been holding you back and who has been holding you up. It can help you find your voice, passion, and drive to do more, do better, and realign your own destiny.

This may be easier said than done. A common barrier to shucking the old way of doing things is guilt. A feeling that you don’t deserve to give something up and seek a better alignment. But guilt is there to keep you in your cage. That feeling of guilt and entitlement will disappear once you do it and empower yourself.  



Gary Stuart Healing