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The Power House

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Oct 16, 2017

Clarence Caldwell here with a powerful knockout message on episode 11 of The Power House Podcast. Clarence was one of the speakers at the Leaders Empowered Strong Summit. Rising from homeless and poverty to become a senior executive, Clarence now shows other leaders how to become high performers in business and in life. Starting with at risk youth in juvenile halls, Clarence takes leaders to higher achievement tan success with the ultimate motive of having them give back to these struggling youth.

Turning Point: homelessness to power

Clarence describes his watershed moment like this: Have you ever been lying in bed, trying to sleep and you hear this noise? Perhaps a faucet is leaking or toilet is constantly running, and you just lay there and say, “I’m going to ignore this and it will go away.” But it doesn’t ago away. Then, after enough sleepless nights, you decide to get up and do something about it. Clarence had such thoughts when he came to the realization that he was not supposed to be homeless. He was not supposed to be sleeping in the back of his car every night.

Choice & Courage

Often time’s people are afraid to address their “leady faucets” or “running toilets” because they have fear or anxiety of that unknown space, of taking action. Clarence understands this and how to overcome it. He looks at life through a lens of 5 immutable laws of life – one being the law of courage. But before you get there you have to handle the first two; choice and commitment. While it doesn’t pull any punches, Clarence knows where we are in our life is a result of the choices we’ve made. You have to develop the skills to realize and own this truth before building up the courage to tackle those persistent driving issues in your life.

A key component to making the right choices is getting in touch with your emotional intelligence. If you can do that than any decision you make is made on that bedrock, giving you a vantage to see what direction you should be moving in.

Emotional Maturity

You may be asking yourself, “Well how do I find that emotional maturity and recognize it?” Emotions can be placed along a scale, with the highest frequency emotion being love and fear being the lowest. Being able to determine where you currently are on that scale of hundreds of emotions in-between is critical to figuring out your current baseline. And guess what, you aren’t always in the same spot. The key is to always be moving to a place of love. Say you’re in a good mood and someone cuts you off in traffic. Are you going to slide down to disappointment? Anger? Or are you going to make the choice to move your feelings in the other direction?


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