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Sep 19, 2017

Betsy Davidson is a certified health and high performance coach – as founder of Master Your Thrive, Betsy defines her life as a series of events organized around the purpose of making a difference. You’ll hear her story about coming from a space of burnout and overwhelm, but also how she made choices to take care of herself and tap into her internal power. Come listen to how Betsy made that transformation to become a formative thought leader and a complete and total powerhouse.


Betsy’s story starts as a young girl with a dream to take care of and save the ocean. She got to live out several of her dream jobs doing everything from taking kids kayaking and snorkeling, supervising sleep overs at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, and even researching dolphins. However, during her decade in marine biology Betsy found herself becoming stir crazy every six months.

She wanted something different, some new change or challenge. What she realized is that every step she took toward her goals made her evermore burnt out. She realized that an internal transformation was needed rather than an external one like a new job or set of responsibilities.

Catalyst for Change

Betsy knew it was time to change after a decade of soul searching and realizing her burnout was affecting her health. She wasn’t getting as much done at work and her energy and passion had been drained. Getting that health back was non negotiable for her, and Betsy started researching to figure out how to get her health back on track.

But fixing her health was just the first part of Betsy’s transformation. In enrolling to be a health coach, she learned there were many more ways in which one needs to nourish themselves to become empowered. In other words: it doesn’t matter how much kale you eat, if you’re still depressed it’s not going to fix your life.

Personal development was the next step that gave Betsy the momentum, joy, and engagement to bring her life back up to speed.

Master your THRIVE

The framework for Master Your THRIVE came after diving into the personal development world. She recognized that at her jobs she was surrounded by other people who wanted to make an impact on the world, but they too were experiencing the same burnout. This led her to develop ways for people to go about making that change in a healthy, enjoyable, and fulfilling way. To give and live at your full potential.

THRIVE = Master your Time, Health, Relationships, Intentions, Voice, and Energy.

The first step on your path to mastering your thrive is owning responsibility. Each of these letters are yours. A lot of people treat time as this external thing that they have no control over. However, if they were to really sit down with a calendar and planner they could find some way to get more done in what time they have. Awareness, intention, and ownership are keys that will set you on the course to transform. All your professional heroes have the same amount of hours in a day as you. Focus on your intention, what you really want to do.

Betsy knows that everyone has an ultimate version of themselves, a self that performs at the highest level you can reach. I’m inviting you to take a moment and just stop. Think about what that highest version of yourself looks like. How would they react at work when a deadline is pushed up? At the grocery store or family gatherings. Take her advice and form that version of yourself in your mind, and act congruently with that version to help propel you forward.


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