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Jul 10, 2018

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is a man who invites entrepreneurs to make and keep conscious business and life “pivot commitments”. He is the CEO of the WELLth Movement and a mentor, facilitator, coach, thought-note speaker, and a published author. He has been a cast member on two life awareness documentaries and has been researching practices for facilitative mentoring. He’s on the show to help you find out how to be for the world, imagine IFS, and step into the dynamic landscape of leadership.


Pivot Moment

After having a gun held to his nose by a shaky 14 year old girl soldier, Stephen came to a few realizations—not only about the situation he was in, but more importantly, the situation she was in. Being goaded by the other older soldiers while just trying to do her job and fit in. In driving away from this military checkpoint Stephen made a commitment to be for the world, not just in it. He wanted to inspire change that would take the guns out of the hands of anyone like the girl who had held a gun to his head.


In Stephen’s concept of WELLth, the well being is for the person, and the well living is for the persons. In terms of leadership, you can think of this in that you lead the person, and manage the systems for the persons. Persons are different than people. And in our nature when it comes to wellness we try to nail it down like we are stationary creatures. But in reality, we’re always moving. On the cellular level. On the celestial level. Stephen took this concept to explore WELLth Movement. Leadership is a dynamic environment and it takes being a part of change, community, and action in order to thrive there. It takes an imagine “ifs” mentality: improve, focus, and strengthen.


Stephen quotes the American poet David White who wrote — Work is about the opportunity to discover and shape the place where the self meets the world. If you would like to find out more about Stephen’s thoughts on mentorship you can find out more at