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Feb 6, 2018

Tracy Repchuk is a world renowned speaker who has taken to the stage in over 37 countries. She is 7 time international best-selling author, and in 1985 started software company—at the age of 19. On this episode she shares with us how she found her purpose and stood up into a space where there were no women at all. Get ready to destroy the noise and listen to your inner voice with Tracy by your side.

The Journey

When Tracy first attended the World Internet Summit, she saw 50 men on stage without a single woman in sight. She decided that one day she was going to be on that stage. After stepping into the internet marketing space, 31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles, shot to the bestseller list, had people flooding into be coached by her , and then she was being flown to Singapore to be on stage at the next World Internet Summit.

What most people don’t understand is that Tracy is an introvert. She started out programming in the back of the room before she was being flown across the world to speak in front of thousands. She had to step up and fill the spaces in front of her. Sometimes that meant putting up with people trying to sabotage her before she spoke, but more often than not, her doubt about speaking came from within. The audience loved her. But still she had to accept that she deserved to be on stage. She grew her skillset, invested in mentors and coaches, and fully came to accept her footing on the world stage.


Getting to Purpose

Coming out of the gate, Tracy didn’t know her purpose. She just felt the knock, the calling to something greater. She was a millionaire at the age of 22, but still she felt that voice telling her to get off her porch and push forward. She had everything, but wasn’t fulfilled on deeper spiritual levels. So she sought ought the things that filled those gaps. She had to know when to say yes to herself and filter out the noise of other people trying to direct her. Quieting down is how you listen to that whisper, and wait until that whisper turns into a 2X4 and slams you with what you’ve been looking for.

Many people settle for re analyzing their goals every New Year. Tracy writes hers down twice a day. This reminder keeps her immersed in her purpose and makes it easier to see the stepping stones she needs to move forward.



Tracy Repchuk