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The Power House

It’s time take action, destroy the N.O.I.S.E. and say YES to yourself and your teams. Leadership is a choice and Candy Barone is your catalyst help you truly feed the soul of your business by bringing heart back into the game.

These episodes are a power packed punch with the training you want and the resources you need to elevate your effectiveness and results with no fluff.

Do you have an appetite and strong desire to:

Grow your organization to the next level, increase your ROI,  and leverage greater opportunities?

Create higher employee & customer retention?

May 30, 2018

Maria Rea is a marketing and relationship expert and the CEO and Founder of My Media and Publishing Group. She’s also the creator and publisher of My Authentic Life Magazine. As a transformational keynote speaker, Maria wants to create a universe that models integrity, cultivates creativity and embraces uniqueness. She teaches upcoming entrepreneurs how to build their own publishing company while harnessing their creative vision. As if that wasn’t enough, she also works with organizations and non-profits, teaching them how to create their own magazines to create more awareness and revenue for their goals and purposes.

Maria never would have thought that she would be where she is today. She gets to wake up every day and think about how to inspire and help more people. She basically helps people help other people, and it’s all about making the world a better place. Her own magazine is just about that—empowering people to utilize their vision to help others. It is what feeds her soul everyday.


Judgment starts with yourself—so many of us immediately jump on ourselves before anyone else. We think we’re not good enough, we don’t like the way we look, and then we project that onto others. Once you understand that you can make such huge, rippling waves in the world by stopping all that judgment at the source. Maria invites you to look at yourself in the mirror, really hold your own gaze, and tell yourself that you’re loved. Come up with true, meaningful affirmations and say them to yourself. That you are worthy, or a good person, and implant that in yourself every day—especially on the days when you’re beat, tired, and don’t want to do it. These should be your “I am” statements and you should be exposed to them every day.