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Mar 13, 2018

Sheryl Kline is a high-performance coach, published author, speaker, and mother to great three kids.  She is the CEO and founder of The Zone Lab LLC and her area of expertise is mental toughness for women in the workplace. She has worked with world-class athletes, students, and businesses while conducting local and global workshops at Google Ventures, Microsoft, Pixar just to name a few. Her book – Zoned In: The Mental Toughness Required for a World Class You, is due out later this year.


What is Mental Toughness?

 Mental toughness is what it takes to step up and shine in the moment. Sheryl performed great in school and athletics, but every time a major event or test came up she found herself underperforming. The advice of settle down and focus didn’t quite do the trick. So, Sheryl decided to figure out how it was Olympians could train for years and pull through in that one moment of competition when they really needed to deliver. So, listen up – because we all have our own Olympics to show up to.

The core of mental toughness is planning for what we want and be clear, and to utilize thoughts and emotions to your benefit. She has put years of research into the Zoned In Mental Toughness Framework which is a process you can go through and learn.


Limiting Beliefs

We’ve all experienced failure before. If you’re not careful these failures can infiltrate your intention when you try to do anything else. The thoughts of “What if that happens again?” or “When it doesn’t work out again I’ll feel this way again,” actively block our ability to reach our potential. But what Sheryl wants you to take away is that you can’t ignore those thoughts and feelings. You have the acknowledge them. Greet them, and then tell yourself it’s okay. Call your emotions what they are. Then go and take action on something you do have control over.


Difference Between Emotions and Feelings

Sheryl wants to leave you with something that will help you utilize your emotions and feelings to step up. Visit – for a free resource just for you!