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The Power House

It’s time take action, destroy the N.O.I.S.E. and say YES to yourself and your teams. Leadership is a choice and Candy Barone is your catalyst help you truly feed the soul of your business by bringing heart back into the game.

These episodes are a power packed punch with the training you want and the resources you need to elevate your effectiveness and results with no fluff.

Do you have an appetite and strong desire to:

Grow your organization to the next level, increase your ROI,  and leverage greater opportunities?

Create higher employee & customer retention?

Apr 4, 2018

Jena Rodriguez is a brand business and brave strategist – you’ll be getting your “brave” on during this episode with her. She is the founder of Brave Masters Inc and is committed to boosting brand clarity, catapulting profits, and unleashing the full potential of entrepreneurs internationally. She sets out to help foster money making, world-changing brands by packaging their businesses greatest strengths. All of this centers around being brave – which is all about saying yes, and being uncomfortable but following through anyway. Jena is a mom, wife, author, fellow animal lover – a total power house here to help you destroy the noise.


Finding Your Brave

Jena says that brave is made out of three things. The first is decision: you have to get off the fence. Making choices is how you move forward, but then you have to commit. This means actively choosing to stick with that choice, evaluate it, and stick it out even when the going gets tough. Ultimately, taking massive action is the last step. This means not just taking a step, but seeing all the steps that came before and how you can propel yourself even further towards your goals.

Entrepreneurship is not the easy way – it’s the brave way.


Confronting Yourself

One of Jena’s superpowers is that she has a 50/50 brain – she is half creative and half math and business. She has embraced this about herself, the strategy and creativeness but she never spoke about it. She is able to give all of this to her clients but there was a lot of looking in the mirror along the way. Through her choices, last year, some of her income decreased. But this is all a part of taking risks and following what you need to be doing to be doing your best work.

She makes a powerful distinction when Jena says she compares herself to others in the space she is playing in. She doesn’t compare directly to them and their success, but rather in a way that broadens the scope of what opportunities are available to her.