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Jun 5, 2017

Sonia Bueno de la Torre is a personal coach, energy therapist, inner growth teacher, and a dear friend of mine. She’s an expert on personal and spiritual transformation with a focus on helping professional women find strength and peace to live a more fulfilling life. Of Spanish descent, Sonia was born and raised in Germany and co-owns two highly successful fitness clubs in Stuttgart Germany. Sonia is on the Power House today to share with us how to be passionate about living up to your potential and joining the self-love revolution.

While Sonia is happy, beautiful, confident, and fulfilled now she wasn’t always that way. She came from a place of no self-confidence, where she hated herself and constantly compared her sense of self to other women. Sonia is so passionate about learning to love yourself and how to gain that self-acceptance because without it, she thinks she wouldn’t be here today.

Transformation & Loving Yourself

Sonia’s transformation happened 20 years ago in Thailand while on vacation. You’d think it was the most romantic day ever; sitting by herself on a beautiful beach, but all she could think about was how unhappy she was with herself. Something clicked then, that she was sick of feeling this way. On that beach, Sonia made the decision to do whatever it took to change and finally love herself. She didn’t know how to get started but it was the decision that mattered. From there it took years of working on herself, deep work, to finally end up where she is today. While the journey isn’t simple and doesn’t happen overnight, the decision to change can when you realize you deserve something better for yourself.

The Self Love Revolution

Sonia’s voyage has shown her that her purpose is to help others like her. It took years of connecting to who she really was to realize her background in fitness had instilled her with expectations that made it difficult to accept who she was. She spent years viewing herself through a hyper critical lens of self judgement and cynicism, and it was exhausting. It took courage, commitment, and consistency to overcome these habits. Now Sonia has developed the Self Love Revolution: an annual event she puts on with interviews with change agents and transformation leaders to get wisdom and knowledge shared to those who need it most. These guests share their vulnerability and breakthrough moments that lead to tangible and actionable advice. These aren’t just quick tips, they help you get to the core of your issues.

Not A One And Done

Even now Sonia has to reset and refocus despite the success of her journey. Any guru that pretends that they don’t have their own issues is absolutely lying to you. The work never stops. There will always be hard things to go through in life, and these events lift up spots to show you where there are still wounds that can be healed, more freedom to be achieved. The difference between the old Sonia and the new is that she is okay with herself when she slides backwards. Her journey is always present, it takes daily work to stay on the right path. When you actively try and achieve self love you gain an awareness that helps you pinpoint where you are sliding, because you’ve been there before. You understand what triggers you and can associate your negative feelings with the behaviors that cause them more readily.

On Healing

One of the most important aspects of healing is to be okay with what is - not just when you lose ten pounds or your hair is on point and the money is rolling in. No one is just a perfect, complete and beautiful being all the time. You have to learn to love yourself on your off days, too. Love every aspect of your imperfect self, not just the shiny, pretty to look at parts. Sonia finds that mediation is one of the most effective tools to gaining this heightened acceptance of self. Start with a reachable goal, say for a span of a week - you’re going to stop and take time for yourself by just closing your eyes. By just focusing on your breathing and bringing in energy.


Self Love Revolution


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