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May 21, 2017

Today I’m in the ring with Phil Gerbyshak, a dear friend and titan in the industry. Phil works with leaders to increase their influence, impact, and income. He believes in the power of social selling and connection through genuine online interactions. With his unique speaking style that’s part sales expert, part entertainer, Phil provides actionable steps that bring in more leads, referrals, and business. He has over 2,500 articles published and 5 books including 10 Ways to Make it Great! and #TwitterWorks.

On Networking In Real Life

Networking through social platforms is something that takes research on your part in order to be effective. For example, Phil found that in Milwaukee people were territorial about their neighborhoods. In order to reach individuals with different senses of place (even in the same city), he found commonalities between them: namely good craft beer and great cheese.

When networking Phil isn’t trying to stack up a full deck of business cards - he’s looking for how he can add value to other people’s endeavors. He spends a lot of time one on one with individuals as he is looking for maybe one or two people he can be really useful too.

Translating Face-to-Face Tactics On Social Platforms

First and foremost, the goal should be the same as face to face: you want to find commonalities between people in the digital space. People are very territorial online, too. As always, Phil finds that tactic of “Make friends first, do business last” is a way to successfully network and get through life in general.

Twitter is a fast-paced platform where Phil sees many people passively watching instead of engaging and sharing. Take time to investigate the people you follow. Who do they follow? What content are the consuming and sharing? If you were to look at Phil’s account, you’d see he is passionate about leadership and kicks small talk to the curb. He looks for deeper connections and conversations that provide more substance to the space.

People tend to be more intimate on Facebook, sharing more of their personal selves. However, the barrier here is that until you’re friends it can be hard to engage with anyone. Once friends the platform can lend itself to more free flowing conversations that can evolve more so over time than Twitter through groups.


Phil has found that LinkedIn is the most powerful business platform out there, and it’s only going to get more effective and powerful. LinkedIn is a hybrid platform, merging business and individuals personal interests. Many people don’t see LinkedIn like that at the moment, though. The platform has a reputation of being all business. Phil has tips for someone who feels daunted by Linkedin and how to shake off the perceived rigidity.

First, decide what it is you are trying to do. Don’t go in blind without a life strategy, business strategy, and a marketing strategy. See where they overlap and then build your profile around your expertise. See how you can add value to the things you’re passionate about and think about what people have said about you that displays your strengths. What results did those traits of yours produce?

Show up as you. If you don’t wear a tuxedo to work then don’t be wearing one in your profile picture! The best way to get started on your profile is to improve it a little at a time. Don’t try to eat the elephant in one bite. LinkedIn has found that it’s users spent an average of 17 minutes a month on their profiles. Phil is going to challenge you to spend 17 minutes a day on the site and he has a breakdown that will help you get the most from that time.

  • Set your timer: spend the first 2 minutes scanning the home page. Anything of interest should be liked, shared and commented on. Commenting produces the most engagement while liking does the least (but is also the easiest).
  • Next search for the right people to connect with.
  • LinkedIn now has a content search - use it to find conversations you can jump into and build off of.
  • Finally look at your connection requests, and if your interests align, start conversations with the right people

Want more insights into how to utilize to transform your business, profile, and relationships? Phil is offering training, tips, and a private group where you can network and ask questions with other business owners looking to evolve their online presence and interactions. Find his LinkedIn to sales training at