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The Power House

It’s time take action, destroy the N.O.I.S.E. and say YES to yourself and your teams. Leadership is a choice and Candy Barone is your catalyst help you truly feed the soul of your business by bringing heart back into the game.

These episodes are a power packed punch with the training you want and the resources you need to elevate your effectiveness and results with no fluff.

Do you have an appetite and strong desire to:

Grow your organization to the next level, increase your ROI,  and leverage greater opportunities?

Create higher employee & customer retention?

Mar 6, 2019

Whitney Vosburgh is the Cofounder of Work the Future Today—a social venture that offers vision, leadership, and solutions for maximizing personal and societal potential. He’s the co-author of two recent Work the Future Today books on purpose, passion, and prosperity. He’s also the Cofounder of Brand New Purpose which is a brand transformation consultancy—while also being a consulting chief marketing officer for Fortune 20 companies and Silicon Valley Startups. His work has appeared in ABC, BBC, Forbes, Newsweek, Time, Us News, and the Wallstreet Journal.


Whitney believes that creativity is defined by finding and liberating the power of the hero or heroine that lies within us. We all have that power, although it’s unique to everyone. Making a choice to seek that out is a daily struggle – will you choose to create, to love, and understand – or will you choose to stagnate and fear. We need to lead ourselves.  All the answers we need can be found inside us – if you close that monkey mind and go beyond your ego you’ll see where your true purpose is. That purpose is in your soul, and the path there gives us a series of breadcrumbs that we can follow home.

Whitney notes that traditional leaders push out of past into the present. But a true leader pulls from present into the future. Doing this requires intelligence—not just smarts, but emotional intelligence and gut intelligence or intuition. These are the glue that ties a leader together and accessing them is different for everyone. There’s no one else who has ever been like (or will be like) you. We have to be our own leaders, bosses, and heroes. No one wants to be the best copycat. You have to show up as yourself and accept what responsibility is yours.

Whitney ends be defining love as the gift to self and others by seeing the greatness within, and treating others as if the greatness has been fully realized. If you’d like to further live out your authenticity and leadership you can find more of Whitney’s work at