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Sep 5, 2018

Alison Donaghey is a cause-and-effect strategist speaker author and radio host. It is her mission to empower and activate people to think opposite—to suspend their belief, consider the opposite, and then proceed with perspective to better live their lives. She has found that unexamined perspectives are a deadly virus upon both businesses and the planet at large. I would agree we get stuck in our perspectives all the time—whether it’s global warming, war, or political affiliations. Alison and I have a conversation of opposites and how you can change your perspective to grow in your both your professional and personal spheres.


Alison’s backstory starts as a single mom welfare. She ended up starting a house painting company in a male-dominated industry and found that businesses really have the power to change the world. From there she wrote a book called Think Opposite which breaks down why you’re doing what you’re doing without missing the big why sense. If we truly understand what our passions are then we can make businesses around those passions that end up changing the world.

We get into some very sensitive subjects that discuss victimization, empowerment, and the Me Too movement—but remember, this entire conversation is to look at things from opposite angles, get a full picture, take ownership of ourselves and our actions and move forward.

If you’re interested in seeing the full breadth of Alison’s work you can find her at and also reach her directly via email at – she openly invites anyone who wants to speak directly to her or ask her a question to send her an email, as she does answer all of them. You can also find Think Opposite right here at Domino Thinking.