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Aug 14, 2017

Lisa Pezik is the Empowered EntreprenHER – she is a woman who has taken back control of her life. She is a published author, an ACE certified trainer in fitness and nutrition, a motivational speaker, a registered nurse and a mom and a wife. She’s here on the Power House to help you take the steps to stay on your own path and see how far self-care goes in affecting those around you.


Lisa’s Story

Lisa grew up in a small town where everyone knew what was going on in your lie. This placed high expectations on Lisa, as she was always being judged based on her performance. She thought she needed to be perfect and ended up putting unnecessary pressure on herself. After a while she became a total people pleaser – letting others tell her what to do from who to date to what career to be in. From the outside everything seemed fine. Lisa had a career, a great husband, but deep down she wasn’t fired up about her life path. She wasn’t happy with the skin that she was in and was around 100 pounds overweight, something that led her down the health and fitness path at first.


Beyond Fitness & Health

Lisa realized she couldn’t put her health last. She was giving to everyone else but herself. Through taking extra time to stay active and read she gained energy and confidence she hadn’t had before. She had been checking off all the boxes society told her to, and it took courage and commitment to change her path.


Challenge, Change, Consistency

A big shift in Lisa’s mindset came when she realized her son was being affected by her behavior. When you say negative things on the inside you project that outward. So having her son was almost a rebirth in her own life. Lisa encourages you to look at more than just yourself when on the cusp of a great change – think about everyone else that is going to benefit from you following through on your change. Let that motivate you to charge forward on your own path.

There wasn’t one event like a half marathon or getting a certification that made Lisa’s change complete. It was consistently waking up each morning and taking time for herself. Getting exercise, feeding her mind, and consciously trying to change. She had to go all in, because if she went half in she’d only get half the results.

It was important to let others know about her goals. Telling others held her accountable. This carried through to push her into a more consistent routine. Another non-negotiable for her was refusing to sweep her feelings under a rug anymore. Lisa came up with the motto feel it, deal it, and keep going. This helped Lisa put herself first and stay healthy both physically and mentally. All of this came together so Lisa could constantly give positivity no matter what kind of day she was having or how she was feeling.


The Next Level

Don’t just coast on autopilot through your life. Look and see how your decisions make you feel on a day to day basis. Then, look at the big picture. Where will you be in five years if you keep your health or relationships at a 4 out of 10? How much better off will you be down the road if you work on brining that 4 to a 6, then 6 to an 8? Think broadly about your changes and the people you’ll positively affect by slowly working on each facet of your life.


Shout Outs

I'd like to give a special thanks to the team that helps make the show the powerhouse it is! First I'd like to thank Tina for helping coach me through the podcast process - you can find her work over at Start Something. And then there's my editing team over at Audio Editing Solutions - if you need any audio work go drop them a line!