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May 22, 2018

Swami Tirtha (the Orange Cowboy) is the host of the T.V. show Daily Miracles: Healing with Our Angels, as well as a best selling author. His speaking clients include the White House, the Alternative Medicine Commission, and John Hopkins University. Swami began having divine experiences at the age of 10 and at 17 survived a devastating tragedy. By seeking spiritual pathways he was able to discover his mission of spreading joy.



For Swami, Angel is a placeholder word that can mean a lot of things to different people. It is a word that encapsulates words like intuition, God, spirit, wisdom, anything that starts to drive at the heart of the soul and inspiration. Swami finds that Angels are playful and invite us to live in a way that doesn’t focus on hardship and struggle. This was highlighted when he went to a third world country and saw tons of children, initially feeling bad about their living conditions. That notion was turned on its head when he saw how the children played with one another, truly embracing a joy he hadn’t seen in American children in years.


Finding Openings

As adults we have a tendency to think we have to make massive shifts in our life to change. That’s not true though. We all can make tweaks in our day to begin down a path of change. It can just start with consciously petting your dog, or cat (or llama) and take a few minutes to step out into nature. The same goes for meditation—you don’t have to wait until you have a whole 30 minutes to an hours to center yourself and take a few deep breaths.



One thing that myself, Swami, and any other coach or guru will bring up is that you need to be authentic to yourself. But what does that really mean? Authenticity gets used so much nowadays that it can seem like a buzzword—just a little hollow and devoid of any practical meaning. But that’s not the case at all. Take for instance that some research shows that people are sometimes afraid to be happy—with women especially feeling guilt or shame when they achieve some amount of happiness. Swami has vey simple, effective meditations that you can do along with us in the episode to help remove any of that negativity and get closer to your authentic happiness.