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Mar 6, 2018

Laura Rubinstein, author of the best-selling Social Media Myths Busted, joins me in the ring today. She is the founder of the Social Buzz Club, an online influencer network of entrepreneurs who build brand visibility using a gamified content sharing platform. Her portfolio includes supporting more than 1,000 businesses like American Express Cruise Planners, top financial planners, teen empowerment brands, startups, consultants, and best-selling authors.


Laura’s Journey

Laura likes to say she was in marketing before this century. Everything she did in terms of marketing was relationship based, not mass market minded. She was the one working with small business entrepreneurs, because in her opinion, these are the people who are really stepping up and are going to change the planet. They are the ones that are hands on, one on one with people making a difference. When the financial market tanked in 2008 Laura found herself with more time and all the emails she was getting from LinkedIn and Facebook set off a lightbulb for her. This was the relationship building marketing platform in turbo mode.

So now she is completely ingrained in the internet and marketing, but she makes an important distinction in how she operates: she is a marketer first, and a social media marketer second. Social is great, but you can’t abandon traditional marketing values and expect to find success.


Give Your Best Away

Laura and myself are on the same page when it comes to building relationships by giving away the best you have for free. This is how you show people what you’re capable of and what you can offer them. You don’t need to worry about people running off with your information or receiving things in return; when you put your best out there people will still come to you for guidance.



Social Buzz Club