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Mar 13, 2019

Sharon Sayler is a communication and body language expert affectionately dubbed the Difficult People Whisperer by her clients. She trains people worldwide on an extensive range of communication and conflict management skills and has presented to Delta, the Yale Graduate School of Management, and the South Florida Business Journal. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Investors Biz Daily, the Wall Street Journal, and Reader’s Digest. As if that wasn’t enough, Sharon is listed as #5 on the top 20 internationally recognized body language experts list. She also has a number one show on OMTimes Radio: The Autoimmune Hour podcast.


The premise of Sharon’s podcast—The Autoimmune Hour stems from her experience with doctors during her own diagnosis with an autoimmune disorder. Frustrated with being talked down to and ignored, she started the show to help people become a strong self-advocate for themselves, how to take courageous action for herself. This core principal ripples out from the show throughout the rest of Sharon’s work.

Being a self-advocate means being able to say “Yes, I hear you—and….” You have to be able to establish boundaries and choose things that fit you inside that space. Tapping into your gut feeling, your intuition is key to this.

You have to know what you want and need before being a self-advocate. You can trust the tingles and butterflies and tightening of the chest in the moment, this can help you set those boundaries. Stop. Breathe. Don’t get caught up in negative verbiage and really feel what you need.

In terms of showing up and stepping in on your own behalf—how you carry your voice is incredibly important. Think of it as a flight attendant vs. the pilot. The attendant generally has a tone and demeanor that is light and acquiescing. The pilot’s tone doesn’t leave room for negotiation. There shouldn’t be room at the end of a statement from you for a question to be interpreted in your voice. Practicing in the mirror, just changing the tone and direction of your voice can help you better stand up for yourself.



The Autoimmune Hour

What Your Body Says (And How to Master the Message)

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