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Nov 27, 2017

In this episode of The Power House Podcast you’re getting a massive power punch with not one, but two incredible, heart-centered thought leaders as my guests on the show! David Dachinger and Tamara Green are the cofounders of Loving Meditations. David is an author and Grammy nominated composer while his wife, Tamara, is an author, speaker and trainer. Together they create multimedia programs that help cancer patients and caregivers reduce stress, anxiety, and discomfort through their cancer journey.


Loving Meditations Origin

David and Tamara had been working on YouTube, posting meditations to a channel that were sort of general. Then, after a haircut, David discovered he had a walnut sized mass on his neck. A handful of doctors and tests later, David was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He got fast tracked on treatment, which was very aggressive and created a lot of side effects – some of which could result in hospitalization. In working to find a way to ease the process, David turned to mindfulness practices and meditation. After treatment and surgery, the oncologist told him he was looking great and seemed fantastic – what did he do that was different? Well, with a finger solidly pointed to meditation and mindfulness, Loving Meditations was born. 


Live Calm with Cancer and Beyond

In their book, David writes from his perspective of being a cancer patient with Tamara writing from the point of a caregiver. It’s an intimate story that takes you through each stage of their journey through the disease and beyond. Throughout the text are quick and easy mindful tips and meditations that they hope help others that are going through a major life challenge.

The companion app for the book cross references these meditations as well. It is being structured in a way that will find you the right practice for either sleep, stress relief, nausea and so forth. It pairs with the book in such a way that you can follow through day by day with the journey and stay in a place of positivity and mindfulness through your own journey.

The book comes out November 30th and will be on Amazon and Kindle – the easiest way to find it is to go to and for the app (which is available on iOS and browsers).



Loving Meditations

Live Calm with Cancer

Calm Cancer Stress